DEMKO Metaalconstructies B.V.

Demko Metaalconstructies B.V. is a Dutch company that fabricates offshore containers for general purposes and custom built containers that require certification to comply with international laws and rules (DNV 2.7-1, EN 12079, CSC, ISO 1496, fire resistance according IMO A754 (18), etc.).
 In order to be able to supply in short term, Demko keeps a wide range of certified offshore containers in stock.

For all types of industries Demko produces diesel or electric driven hydraulic power units and containerized diesel driven equipment such as pumps, generators, fire fighting units, etc. The equipment can be self propelled. For both the horizontal and vertical drilling industry Demko manufactures mud pumps, recycle units, shakers, de-sanders, mix units and other special equipment.

In the offshore industry a wide range of control cabins and accommodation units is used. Demko is specialized in the design and fabrication of these units for offshore drill ships and platforms. The units can be certified for application in Hazardous Areas Zone I and II.

Another key item is industrial noise control. Demko delivers a variety of noise reducing measurements from sound proof enclosures, through sound attenuators, to exhaust silencers for diesel engines. With or without certified spark arrestors.

Regardless of any scope, if Demko can think with you in an early stage about sophisticated solutions, Demko  guarantees an appropriate solution that satisfies your demands in every detail. Send us your request and we will get in contact with you.
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